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You see a pattern now: When you say your grandparents thought drinking was normal - well, yes, it was. The fact that all your neighbours in the US are abstinent, God-fearing Calvinists, doesn't mean that for your grandparents it wasn't normal to drink. Indeed, isn't the USA supposed to be all about mixing up races and cultures.

So, whatever heritage the immigrants bring with them, it surely is normal. By the way, if you are condemning the idea that in many countries getting drunk is normal, then you should start off by looking at yourself in the mirror. After all, to many most? Americans eating crap for food what you got, McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Hut and all other places serving plastic and preservatives on a platter , polluting the air with massive cars and inefficient industrial solutions, carrying guns on the streets and not caring too much about anything is the normal way of going about.

We all have our faults, and all of our habits have a downside to them. However, the Finns are not alone with their preference for a drink, and surely it is far from abnormal to get drunk after work. There's actually nothing wrong with the Finnish justice system.

It's just that there are too many assaults and batteries as well as rapings of "minors", and too active a system of law enforcement. Whereas in the US and most of Europe even batteries are settled out-of-court or by civil actions, in Finland the state has to intervene and prosecute publicly.

That derives from the Nordic social model whereby the state takes care of i. As a result, not everyone can be thrown in jail upon their first offence as there are not enough jails.

Now, recidivists and serious offenders do go to jail - but the scandal media does well in neglegting that. They just publish news on whenever someone has been let off on a conditional sentence i. And what comes to child molesters - well, in case of true paedophilism, the offender will be locked up, either in jail or in a high security mental hospital. What you read in the scandal newspapers is not about that, however.

According to the law, you can be tried for child molestation if you're 18 and make out with a year-old. That is absurd to many foreigners as it is just normal that kids around that age go out and explore sexuality. Most cases of child molestation are about a to year-old guy and a to year-old girl. When you read the newspapers, you will not know the facts of the case. But I can assure you the facts go something like this: They both got a bit too drunk.

They went somewhere private and started kissing. The guy made a move and touched the girl intimately or had sex with her. The next morning the girl, sobered up again, got second thoughts and went to the police. Now, according to the criminal code, regardless of the circumstances, touching intimately a "child" of age of 15 or less can be punishable, and it will have to be tried in court.

As these things happen all the time and everywhere even in other countries , it is no surprise that the prisons would be filled up to the roof if every drunken fool had to be locked up for going on second or third base with a teenage girl. Instead, if they are first-timers, they're let out on a conditional sentence. Then the scandal newspapers write in big capital letters how the Finnish justice system is rotten.

Finally, what comes to the harsh sentences on financial and white-collar crimes: Some years ago the Finnish Ministry of Justice put on its agenda a plan to give a clear message that such crimes will not be tolerated in Finland. According to criminologist theory, a number of factors render financial crimes severely punishable. The most important ones are that usually always? This reasoning is not peculiar to Finland. Instead, it's the same pretty much in all Western countries.

You should remember that in the US, B. Madoff was sentenced to years in a maximum security prison. It is clear that he will never enjoy the criminal gains he was able to hide before getting caught. Hello I'm sorry to hear you have such bad experiences of living in Finland. I'm a native finnishman and I still must say that I really like my country I like my friends and family, finnish nature my summerhouses, baltic sea lakes, lapland sauna etc.

Fortunately Helsinki is such big city and therefore I have a chance to choose my friends: We also have lots of nice people in Finland, unfortunately those racist people will be more clearly seen in Finland Think about a situation in a crowded train carriage, black man comes into a train and some drunk bastard will yel him some impolite things. All the others in the carriage are quiet maybe because they are shy or even afraid of that threateningly behaving person. Even in that case there exactly and only one bastard in a train!

Most people in Helsinki are not racists, thats my point. By the way, are you racist against estonians and russians as you mentioned in your text. You should neather make generalizations I have met many nice people from estonia and russia. It's true what u said!

Countryside people have low esteelfm and are inside turn. Keeping it short and simple, we appear in various kinds, just as in any country. It's true we don't have that much culture coz' we're relatively quite young and small country. In my opinion in Finland there is the thing is about the country and it's borders as in all scandinavian countries.

We don't really care about politics or the way our country seems like in an eye of a foreigner. I think that's quite right too.. In Finland we have this kind of an attitude to not to give up We don't have similar national identity apart from that to be held from the WWI 'coz we've lost some parts to our much bigger neighbour for us to put it little bit too cocky on the way. We are really not a nation, we are more like 3 different kinds of those living inside same borders and feeling relatively nice with that: Come ooon, Finland and Finnish people should change their attitudes towards globalism.

I am not happy to pay taxes so that drunks can buy booze or sit in front of computer all day while I have to do night shift on a Xmas eve! So we should all shut the hell up and be more open and friendly towards each other and foreigners. Once this wealth goes away we are gonna be poor potato nosed bastards like in the 90s crisis. D If you dont look like Finnish and totally milk white then you are foreigner and not wellcome. Lets dont fool anybody here: D If Finns look weird at suntanned ppl then a black has no bloody chance: JJ, all what I have to say to you is thank you for making this comment.

Interesting to see my own thoughts written. Bla-bla-blah, travel and live abroad few years and after that come here to tell about how is it to live in Finland.. This must be written by some frustrated teen girl.

Otherwise fine, but I think the ubiquitous idea of there being jobs that do not attract Finns is false. I have worked in shitty jobs and there are Finns everywhere doing those jobs. Must be, because the wealthy and racist homeowners will not let foreign janitors into their quarters. There are also lots of applicants for practical nurses. It was harder to start practical nursing than some majors in universities.

Wait until you learn how this father treated his children! Finland has the highest killing rate of infants everywhere in western world! The Finland I know and have lived in my whole life, is the best place in the world! And yes, I have been to several foreign countries. I can't comment on Finnish people's looks, because being one of them it's hard for me to tell.

But I do find myself to be pretty, and I think all the comments of how rude, unconfident, racist, unwelcoming and alcoholic Finns are, are rubbish. So maybe we like the taste of alcohol, but we're not the only ones in the world with that. Finns are a bit shy to strangers, and don't approach strangers easily, but that's because we care a lot about what people think about us. It doesn't make us unconfident, instead Finns are very polite.

The racism mainly comes from older people, as they are not used to other races. In their childhood there were only Finns in Finland. Younger Finns are very much used to different races.

It makes me sad to read about these horrible things you people say about my dear homeland. And all you Finnish people bad-mouthing your own country: There is no perfect coutry in the world, and like every other country ours has it's faults, but the faults are incredibly small compared to all the things that are excellent here!

We're well-educated, our healthcare is top-ranked, the people is happy, and our future looks bright! Stop complaining about every little thing and be happy that things are looking so good!

Oh and just so you know, I'm a year-old Finnish girl, and I want to be proud of my home, so if you disagree with what I have written here, don't tell me. This is my opinion and I shared it because you made me mad with all these mean things you've said. Finns are often totally brainwashed. This is an old post but wannt answer anyway,,ou just took out words of my mouth!! Hey, Finland is a very beautiful and interesting country in my opinion even without me ever going there. I would love to someday.

I agree with what you say about the taxes and people living for free on other people's taxes. It makes me mad when I see someone I know is on welfare or food stamps or is an illegal alien just walking around, comfortable in their luxry life practically when I work day after day to make maybe USD a year. It makes me even madder now when I see illegal aliens taking benefits that we deserve because we worked for them and we can't get hem because these people are taking them from our government and or government does not care.

More and more people her in America will not be able to go to college because the government is raising tuition costs and practically no one can afford to attend now. I just lost my financial aid to my college because the state government wants the financial aid to go these illegal immigrants who don't even speak our language and we are being forced to take it lying down and even to the point of having to learn their language instead of them learning our language.

And your thing on country peopl and city people, I have to laugh at the city people when they call me ignorant because I do not live in a city. I am ignorant because I do not want to be around people at all times of the day and I am ignorant because I have never ridden a city bus or train before.

I live in a town where city buses do not go and we are twenty miles away from the next town over where nearly everyone has to work. I laugh because for all the city bragging about their great education, on our standardized tests in my town, I have to laugh because every single year, the biggest and supposedly best schools in the cities in my county, are beat out by nearly sixty percent by a school with less than students after you combine all four grades.

Working too much, we have no choice but to work long hours now seven days a week to support ourselves and the rest of the idiots who can't be bothered to go find work themselves and it pisses me off because at this rate, no one in America has a hope for any retirement unless you count our dumbass politicians. They are just ripping us off. Just please don't send you lazy people to America.

We have enough of them as it is and it is very expensive for us to support them. I'm a year old Finnish dude, and I agree with you. It's not a perfect countries, but still one of the most top ranking in the world. Education is top quality and other countries are trying to learn from it. Yes, people are pretty shy here, and most of my friends don't talk that much. It's like, if you don't have anything meaningfull to say, don't say anything at all.

It's very weird and I would like to change that but it's really hard cause you've grown in to it. I love my family, more than I love myself. My life is meaningless compared to theirs. I hug my mom everytime I see here. I used to hug my dad all the time, but now only once in a while. I hug and "cuddle" or something with my littlesister everytime we see. Don't get me wrong, that's nothing sexual: I'm pretty close with my brother, we talk about stuff and we're friendly to each other.

I hang out a lot with my friends, at summer time I spend more times outdoors than I do at home. We usually go for a cup of coffee and just chill out, drive around and other stuff. And then there's the "bad thing"; we go drinking almost every weekend.

I don't why, I guess we all just like a lot. But unfortunately, after one year of being 18 and unemployed, I have started to consider myself a little bit "alcoholic". I think I could stop it if I really wanted, but since Finland is pretty boring country and there's not much to do atleast without money , there's just nothing else to do on weekends. Every single one of my friends drink at weekend. Who am I to fight against that? I would really much like to change it, but I really can't.

That's actually why I would very gladly live in the countryside, than to live in city. Countyside of Finland is just pure awesome, you can't even think about the possibilities you could do. Atleast as a "youngster" year old. And why not as an adult man with a family, you could probably think of a lot of fun stuff to do with your kids. Unlike in the big cities.. I hope I'll move to countryside some time.

And then those stupid big city people come and mock the "hillbillies".. What am I like? I like foreign people. I would like to spend some time abroad but unfortunately I can't afford that, atleast not yet. I'm not very humoristic, at least with other people. I can't express my self around others, nor can I show emotions.

I'm just a little introverted I guess. I dream of not being such, but I haven't figured out a way to change that. But that doesn't make me a bad person, or any less of a human than others, or does it now? At the moment, I have a little depression and I've got a slightly bad self esteem. Probably cause my education-plan didn't work out as I wanted.

And cause I've been drinking too much for a year and something. I'm trying to change myself, but it's quite hard, since i'm an introvert, and shy, so I can't think of a way to get new friends, and I can't change myself in the presence of my current friend-circle. But I'm seeing a psychiatrist or someone like that and I'm hoping she could help me, but so far there hasn't been any progress. I know I probably should change myself by my own hand, but that's just really hard and my mind is really stupid and won't let me.

And unfortunately, this isn't that rare in Finland. I just hope someone wise would think of a good way for us to change, and open up to each other. But on summary; I'm fairly glad of my life here, I love my country, I love Finns, but I also like people from other countries. I am not happy with the economy and mind set of this world. There's way too many problems and things that can back fire, if that's the right expression.

But in the mean time, I try to enjoy my life and spend more time with my family and friends. Also I've started to write stuff to the internet, as you can see, and I'm hoping I would find some smart people to talk with somewhere, but so far I've had no luck, or I haven't been in the right places. If you have any tips or anything for me, please feel free to give them to me.

I think I wrote a lot more than I intended to. Or maybe it's you who is brainwashed? It's kind of a some thing as wondering where we come from, as to guess who is brainwashed an who is not. I suspect everyone, especially you. I think you've got the point. However, I have a black boy friend, and what I've noticed is that all the black women really hate me for taking one of theirs!

D So jealous people come in all cultures Hi, i would like to ask you a few things to note. Or at least that is how you act, sure there is a lot of racism, but just admit that you have never met a finnish person. You are calling every finn a racist, and therefore you are a racist.

There is so much ads, saying we should give money for YOUR problems, althought we have a lot of problems by ourselves this is a poor fucking country They are somehow accepted by the silent majority and very influential. Acceptance is what it probably looks like from the outside, but I'd rather call it tolerance. I mean tolerance of something annoying, like the bad weather you can't change or the boss who yells at you. Not tolerating them would lead to an inevitable confrontation and confrontations are what people are desperate to avoid, as failure to win is yet another one of those big Finnish no nos.

Also, the possibility of things getting real ugly, real fast, is ever present, as you may have noticed during your stay. So, if the bastard is a moron, who probably is incapable of dealing with his issues constructively, why start World War III with him, when you know it's not going to change him unless you kill him?

Here we go again. Defending the dark art of drinking. I would just have to mention that the Finnish justice system is based on Swedish law. Not only as long standing laws were inherited from the Swedish era, but the system of law vs. The Swedish red flag is up! Finns are so hostile to anyone not like themselves.

The majority is accepting what happens in their name by their passivity. This is unique for Finland in a larger EU perspective. One could say other EU countries demand law and administration deal with the extremists. Sadly, the law and administration these days have become states within a state, which means they mainly have their own best interest in mind.

Promoting passivity in the general population is definitely in their interest, as it leaves them free to grant themselves more money, more fancy titles, more prime realty at a significant discount, etc. Of course, to increase their own power and influence, they also want more and more layers of bureaucracy, with as many subordinates as possible.

The EU functions as a good excuse for this. Every time the EU makes administrative changes or passes new directives, our illustrious leaders found a new bureau of this or a department of that to cope with the situation.

If all goes according to plan, the number of bureaucrats should be double the present by Still yep finns only look that governemnt pay wayy to much to refugees letting other citizen rot.. So finn be less envious, racist,and be more generous and learn to help people perkeleeeeee. Healthe care top ranked?? Do you kniw you have to pay like if u were into a hotel when u r hospitalized??

And fyi, check on wikipedia, France is first Italy my own country ,second,,and i can confirm we have better then this cheap healt care Fuck i hope u never get sick.. You seem like an observant, objective and intelligent person. Oh, thank you for your kind words, I very much appreciate them. You will pay high tax one way or an other. What to change something vote for capitalism.

I also think finnish people very unhappy in they relationships, they have very poor sex life and not intresting people at all. So, if you see angry woman in official office just know she didn't had sex for long time LOL Men here pretend to be silent, but at home they agressive and violent, Just read statistics. I do not recommend marry finnish guy here. A girl from Finland As I read these answers, I can't get anything more than sad.

To think that everyone seem to think that everyone in Finland are like that. True, some of us are, but not everyone. It may be true that we don't have almost any of our original coulture left, but can you blame us?

I mean after all we've been trough: How do you think we're supposed to stay as we are after that?! Then add internet, religions But, I guess that I'm one of the lucky ones. The ones who have a good place to live, who didn't have to go trough too much bad things and appreciates what they have.

I know about the things you have been talking about and I'm not saying that everything you have said wasn't true.

But Finland is like one of those optic pictures, which you have to look in a certain way to see a different side of it. I know that I may sound naive, but I think that Finland is a great county, if you can look at it from the right angle.

If you can't, that's your loss. When I said that 'everyone seems to think' I didn't mean everyone. I was just so furious that I kind of ignored and forgot about the good posts. I sicerely apologise about that. This is a cold dark country. Walking today in Hesperia Park we saw only one wild rose, no other flowers. Why all that hating Swedes and Russians alike? Damn selfish ,,Sisu is one way to excuse and try to compensate the lack of people emphaty,cose none will help so better do it your self..

Maybe if people learned to love also the person next to you,and be more community base ,family base then individual. I miss my country despite all the crap there.. In Finland i got rare but RARE case of nice people met,,at moment maybe one lady whom i met 2 times but she is so friendly keeps messaging me,,even im so bad at keeping in touch..

Most people on here are Finnish and you're asking 'what do you think about Finnish people'. You're likely to get stupid modest answers or racist comments from foreigners. What if the answer is 'they are better than you gyppos, did your country fight the former Soviet Union in the 2nd world war like the Finns did? Which side was your country on in the second world war - the soviets or Finland? However some, pretending to be some kind of Finland's Swedes, give a very bad image of themselves.

As if they were something better than the rest of the Finns. It is clearly a general attitude among Finns that they are better than anyone else. In particular better than Swedes it seems. Open your eyes and read the messages on this board.

Finns are very bitter and emotionally invalid people. I am currently living in greece and people here have opinion that finnish people are too shy and it s cold like in siberia in finland. They also think that people in finland are too hard to abroach socially. First comment that i heard was that isn t it very cold and quiet there in finland when i first spoke that i have lived in finland i am originally from greece and it s like day and night the culture and people Have you ever considered why this is so?

If you go about telling people how fucking stupid and crazy they are and how you hate at living here, do you think this will inspire friendship among anyone? Black but Finnish 2.

I should take You Silvio to sauna and to see an ice hockey game one day! I am afraid that - You dont just speak any suomi? We could drink some salmiakki and then talk talk talk What do You say? Do You like snow and winter sports at all? It is very upsetting to read these comments from both Finnish and foreign people.

I think people are very easy to categorize by their nationality and skin colour etc. It's a fact that different countries have their own culture and habits and that sometimes it's very difficult to adjust to culture different from your own.

We have started a new era on this planet. Traveling is a hobby to people, I wish they could take the best out of it. It's easier for all of us to visit and work in different countries. That is a good thing and should be appreciated. I know lots of Finnish people who don't like Finland. I also know foreign people who've tried to live in Finland and didn't enjoy it. And I do know both Finnish and foreign people who love the country and who love how well things work here.

That's mostly why I think it's down to ones personality whether or not they like it here. No matter where you go you face difficulties in your life. You meet people that you don't quite like and you meet people who you love. I hope the world was better place and we could enjoy it no matter what we do. Unfortunately it's not always that way and every single one of us just have to take the best out of it. We have almost 6 million people here in Finland. I love to meet foreign people and I love to learn from other countries.

I envy people who are able to go abroad and work there. I've done it myself but I've now started a family here. There is a difference between jealousy and enviousness.

I would encourage anyone I meet to go and search places abroad. I also encourage foreign people to come check Finland. But it's an amount that can hold lots and lots of different kind of personalities. I, as Finn, am obviously very sad to hear what some other people think of us. But I can understand full well that Finland can be tough for foreign and even Finnish people themselves.

Wish a pleasant life for anyone who arrives here from another country! Hope you can find some lovely things and you meet nice people as well!

It has taken me years of living abroad to even begin to open up to other people and enjoy life, trust others and expect that they are mainly friendly. There is a sadly pessimistic streak in our national culture. We have poor self esteem. We think that others laugh at us because there is basically something wrong with us. Or that's how things were. I'm 46, and people of my age still mainly belong to the old school of Finns.

The younger generation, however, has started to communicate with people around the world - Internet makes it easy for all of us now. I'm certain that our beautiful country will eventually be inhabited by a happy and well adjusted people.

Climate also has an effect on our personality. It's not so easy to socialise when it's cold outside and the last thing you want is to go and visit your neighbours. At summer even us Finns are happier and more talkative. I hope that kindergartens and schools will do their utmost to help the younger generation to grow into human beings who can adjust living anywhere, with people from any culture - cosmopolitan people, people of the world.

My dearest friends are both Finnish and foreign. So are my enemies. I like to think I take people as individuals. Myötähäpeää tunnen ku luen joitakin näitä juttuja täältä, suomalaisten suomalaisista kirjottamia Englanninkielen taito niin hakusalla monella Punastuin häpeästä ja äkkiä pois.

Siis eiköhän tuo avaajan kysymys ollu suunnattu ulkomaalaisille jokatapauksessa? I'm sorry but I couldn't be bothered to read all of the replies. My opinion on the Finnish people is that they are very cool, they respect other peoples and they are proud of their independence. The rest of the world were pretty much on the same side with the soviets while the Finns fought for their independence.

Finland was, and is, the frontline between the civilized world and the Evil Empire. During the 2nd world war, the Americans were high on marijuana and on the same side with the Soviets while Finland was defending the free world.

I was there in finland once upon a time and I dont know where else can be found suitable than that remote place for someone who is completely through with world and living?

As if I was sinked very deeply in a grave, while still alive. Not any suicide would be probably that conscious, that resolute, that continuous and intractable. Before i went there a friend of mine had said that people in finland have calm and deep souls. The first weeks of my coming there i only spread fear and suspicion around.

I dont know if they considered me as an agent or terrorist or something but i saw the fear in their face very clearly. I guess it was my black hair. Later, may be, when it is come to an agreement that neither i am "this" or "that", that i am actually nothing at all, i started to see eyes opened with amazement and lips twisted with sarcasm instead of wrinkled foreheads with being startled.

I can't imagine anything more or as bothersome. My most simple, plain, natural movements appeared them as odd as a clown's somersaults and springs in the circus.

When i spoke to them they were gawping at me as if they didnt understand anything. Then, they were murmuring something to one another, and this time i knew that i am understood, but disapproved. Instructions, manners, good models they are all temporary things and there is no possibility for a human to get changed unless the environment change.

Every evening i have been thinking the earth come to an end. And for this reason, every morning, when i opened my eyes, i was disappointed. I really used to loose my time sence, there and then, since everyday was exactly the same. Only saturdays you go to a bar, drink as much as you can till you forget who you are, and hardly find the way home.

It is said committing suiside is common in finland, i think they dont need to do anything special because living there is simply a suicide. What an experience you had! You're describing your days in Finland so vividly I almost feel I'm there again; a feeling I do not enjoy.

Deep and calm souls? Well, it's calm, deep at the bottom of a pitch. Trapped down there, no way up and out. Is that what we are? I escaped to another country when I was young. After years abroad, when I returned for a visit, I was stared at as if I was something strange. The only feelings that were expressed were negative. No joy, no delight in meeting again, no curiosity about my years overseas.

Their world was that little town, that little country. Anything else was unimaginable. I loved the weather in Finland. It was the people I ran away from and still feel reluctant to return to. What a shame you were treated so stupidly. I suppose you stayed in a small town. Larger towns are slightly more civilised, i think. I don't understand why most of the writers here tell only negative things about Finns.

In our culture it's unusual to talk to a stranger in a buss stop but still there are youngsters who gives their place to an old person and also those doens't have any problem with foreigners. When I'm in a buss and ask for someone what time is it, I don't have to afraid that that person says "painu vittuun" to me. Those who talks like that just have an attitudeproblem. So I don't think Finns are so bad. I wonder why it is that even us Finns ourselves feel such hostility towards our culture?

Are we really so bad? Do we feel so worthless that we cannot stand those who are different the vast majority of the people in this world? Finland is only a small country. Why such hostility on both sides? Are we racists, or are those foreigners such who ridicule us? I was just thinking.. Sorry if my english isn't right. U people considerate too much only in negative things. U people frogot there is issues with other countries too? Our culture is like that its strange to just start talking to strangers.

But if we get to know that stranger really well I think we are pretty loyable friends. U see the little amount of people doing it but u don't see bigger group of people thinking its stupid? Then are u really clever? And don't u people deny that immigrant people don't do criminality too. And wach how much they drink example in England xD Well Im 16 and im not sure if this message is really in somekind of order..

Why did i even bother to write this. As you can see, Finns try to keep their heads together by telling themselves that they are really living in the most wonderful country in the world. But none of that changes the fact that the society is just one maddening megamachine.

Nothing matters in Finland nowadays except work and consumption and keeping up appearances for neighbours and relatives. There is nothing easier in this country than becoming a washed up basket case. Anyone who doesn't immediately succeed in life is considered a complete failure and a burden to the rest of society, which is why many young people just give up and get diagnosed with something in order to fit into at least some category.

That is what I was thinking, and yes, it's partly true. BUT, when you Really start to think of things, then no, Finland is not actually that bad. We in actuality do have things pretty well, compared to many others. Sure, there are lots of things that could be better, and people really should change their attitude, but all and all, this is a decently good of a place to live in.

Finnish people are really nice, I have been there 20 times and not just to big cities. I find them to be kind, friendly and polite. The nimrods and dropouts, you know. People like that often get bitter and it is so very easy to accuse the society for their failed life. His thoughts are incomplete, naïve and just sound exactly like the thoughts of a generic teenage dropout anarchist. No offence, but his English skills also doubt me.

Can someone who speaks English that poorly actually pass the primary school? There are a lot of people in Finland who claim to hate their country and keep saying they want to move somewhere else.

And who are they actually? For example Johanna Tukiainen, the mocked erotic dancer and the secret lover of Ilkka Kanerva, the ex-member of the Parliament. Arto Paasilinna, a writer who got a lot of negative publicity for messing around drunk. Alcoholism is also usual, but mostly in the small, distant cities and among the unschooled underclass.

I'm sad about the Finnish culture and never was happy there. I'm not a teenager, nor a dropout, not stupid. I had work in Finland and am working in my new country, happily. I left because I wasn't happy in Finland. I'm staying put here because this is a good place to be. Returning to Finland would be a step backwards, and I have no reason to return.

I am a well functioning member of this society. Lonely, perhaps, and still don't feel perfectly at home, but living alone here is a lot better than living in my old familiar circumstances in Finland.

I watched the movie "Being There" in which Peter Sellers portrays how an autistic person can be lucky in life. Perhaps Finnish people, in all their autistic tendencies, have been very lucky to make a success of their country, at least in material sense, if not spiritual. We are such oddballs that other peoples think we must be better than them, as nobody can really be as stupid as a Finn appears.

Let's have them keep their illusions. Have You ever been to Suomi? In Stockholm - St Peterburg and - Tallinn tourist from Finland are different - than thoseo who go to work every morning. Work is work everywhere! I love finland but i know that heres many things wrong. But think bout africa: Starving people without clean water. None of africans countries is richer than finland. There is slums in every african country. Well europe, theres poor and homeless people by mediterranian and alot of troubles in Middle-east.

Ylläpito on poistanut tästä viestin sääntöjen vastaisena. Sum1 said that finnishes hates gays. I just wonder why all english people doesnt speak suomi?

It would be much easier if You just start to speak suomi - if you know what i mean! Cooper Tust is trolling. There's good and bad things in any country, or can you name me a country without any racists or mean people.

I guess you can't. I just don't think Finland is the worst at all. Black but Finnish Racism is quite interesteing word - that has a different meaning in every country!

I suggest that people would use - being different more! Finalnd is such a beautiful country, and in many ways well organised, but people's attitudes make it a hard, if not depressing place to live. And I'm white, and born there. It must be difficult for you, as a black person.

On the other hand, you're helping to improve our prejudices just by being here and being an interesting person. Little by little this country will open up to the rest of the humanity, one hopes. As a native Finn I wish to answer. One note though, I am not a typical Finnish man. Here's my list of Finnish issues: In summer time most are a bit more relaxed. Come to a sunny place where people are friendly. That must be joke 'cause finnish is so hard laungage..

Answers from a finn It's just an idea, and most people will admit they have that idea, but in reality, it really is not like that. I can admit I'm a racist and believe in racial superiority, but I would really like to have sex with a black girl, and I see nothing wrong with having a nice conversation with a black man.

They save so they can buy some nice expensive stuff, and something nice to their children. Well, I'm a bit alcoholist. But there's not much to do about it, since all my friends drink at the weekends. They don't see it as a problem, but I do. I admit that there's way too much pressure but on those years olds. And I really do hope that'll change.

We feel comfortable in our nice cheep clothes. We don't need to boost our self-esteem by buing over expensive brand-clothes. But yes, some Finnish girls do have an attraction to Mediterranean guys, for example. But I think that's the case in every country, not the Mediterranean part, but to be attracted to people from other countries aswell.

I personally think that's a good think. It gives me a rush. Sure, the winter could be a little shorter, but you have to appreciate what you've got. I think that's a really good thing. Keeping the Finnish blood flowing.

Finns are pretty national country. There's nothing wrong with that. P Good thing it's almost summer now!! Answers from a Finn Sorry, few mistakes there. I was in Finland Helsinki last summer. And so must say it's the best country I have evere seen. As a remembered,finns were so friendly. Actually I haven't seen any drunken finns in the street.

On the contrary,they did too much sport,always running,riding and so on Once,I was strolling along the park with my father,it was befor football Russia-Finland and i'm from russia so one finn came to us,talked and wished good luck. Well,in other places they were pleasent too,and I've got only fine memories from your country. Anyway,when returned to Russia I decieded that I must now finnish and so I'm learning it now and will go for tranning in April.

Both immigrants and refugees in Finland have largely themselves to blame for any hate they recieve some people come here and pay the better and safer life they get here for free back with being racists themselves and disrespect for their hosts us the Finnish people I have many friends of many colors I have no problems with people who are respectful towards the culture and ways of the country they visit or move into respect the people and the country and the laws of that country We want good people here we dont need any frigin parasites if you are a goodhearted person I dont care if you are purple I will like you I know there are pure racists here too those guys are prettymuch everywhere You just need to remember being a racist is not a phenomenon limited to "white" most blacks I meet hate the white people fantasize about taking a white mans wife xD how effed up in the head you have to be to have that kind of poop in your brain?

I'd like to see you get off your whiny hypocritical high horse and face reality you want to be treated good? I think its time for Finnish people to stop bending over and taking stuff in the rear for these demands for the people we allow to enter out country and start making demands our selves Then they learn proper respect before they are allowed among general population and we can also add psychological profiling as a part of the entry qualification Respect towards this country its ways, laws and its inhabitants 2.

Will to integrate ofcourse you practice your religions and cultural things in your homes and your own places to do so do not tell us we cant have bibles in hotels or christmas celebrations in schools cos it offends you A positive attitude and a drive to take a little crap you hating every Finn cos some give you shit makes you a racist and a hypocrite if I did what so many people who come here from whatever hellhole and hated every race that ever did anything bad I'd hate everyone If these things seem unreasonable to you GTFO or get the fck out as they say thanks if you read this far and baibai.

Ja sille Suomalaiselle vinkujalle jonka mielestä on niin paskaa kansaa ja paska maa kuten eräs ystäväni sanoi mene asumaan ulkomaille pitemmäksi aikaa tulee suurimmalle osalle ikävä kotiin tässä maassa ei oo muuta paskaa ku meidän maan johto jolla ei oo mitään parempaa tekemist ku vetää ihan kohtuutonta palkkaa ja palkankorotuksia samaan aikaan kehottaen kansaa maltillisuuteen palkankorotustoiveissaan I'm a Finn also like some of these people who wrote in here.

I have lived many years abroad and I now have moved back to Finland with my "foreign" family. Those years away from Finland shown me a different way of living,opened my eyes. I'm working with people daily and most Finns I have come a cross are so rude,no matters what so ever!!

I find it very hard. They don't say excuse me,hello,please,thank you. What are they thinking? My husband also thinks Finns are bad mannered when they don't say good morning but look away!! What is that all about? Even my little children were wondering what's the matter with people when they don't say "moi,hei,terve" to them?

It is very upsetting. I have noticed that I have change too much to live here for rest of my life. There is another way to live your lives. We only got one life so live it good,notice others,smile it does not hurt! Live your life happy. To finish this, all I can say that Finns are weird nation. Happyheart - I fully agree with you. I am a Finnish woman, and not at all proud of it. Moved back here and it was a great shock really!

People are very self-centered, and rude. No smiles, no sorry, thank you, kiss my ass. Now, you could say that cold people do not HAVE to smile, but one would expect some sort of politeness, like when opening a door to a mother with a pushpram, no smile and thank you, only rude and strange comments.??

They think of being educated, but educated person is polite, and well mannered, so I would say Finnish people are metsalaiskansaa from the forest. They have no drinking manners, really a big problem here but then again the state makes good money from alcohol , you can smoke nowhere soon, not even outside.

There is no freedom see above. They are racists, even towards me, as do not possess any more the monotonous Finnish non-existing habits, but have travelled thus educating myself in different cultures. My foreign husband has been beaten and threatened several times NB. Their outlook of world is very small. WOmen are generally very easy with opposite sex and have no self-respect whatsoever. Spontaneity is a word they do not know, everything runs like a clockwork, too much.

Now I must be off, to pack my suitcase to get far from here. Kapteenin kokemuksen mukaan kukat tekivät aina vaikutuksen naisiin. Joskus tämä vastuu on niin raskas, että sitä ei tahdo jaksaa kantaa yksin, vaan on hyvä saada apua joltakin, joka voi siiinä auttaa. Nainen huomasi kohouman ja pani kätensä kapteenin sepalukselle.

Sitten nainen työnsi huulensa kapteenin huulia vasten ja kielensä provosoivasti kapteenin kitalakeen. Elettä oli mahdoton tulkita väärin. Pari pysyi tässä asennossa pitkään, Katrin onkiessa kapteenin kyrvän tottuneesti housujen napeilla varustetusta sepaluksesta. Kapteenin pudotti puolestaan naisen kylpytakin lattialle, ja sai näin otteen naisen varsin kolmiulotteisista, uhkeista rinnoista. Kapteeni hieroi sormiensa välissä toista nänniä ja Katri puristeli kyrpää, molempien elinten kovettuessa vastaanottamaan yhä enemmän kiihotusta.

Tekee hirveästi mieli" sanoi kapteeni. Tuollaista on ihanaa imeä. Kapteenin vaimon on syytä olla tyytyväinen Kyrpä tietää parhaiten keneen se milloinkin on tyytyväinen" sanoi kapteeni. Katri puristi tiukalla otteella kullin ja kivespussit peukalonhankaansa ja imaisi värähtävän kullin huuliensa väliin, ja puraisi terskaa kevyesti.

Naisen huulet, etenkin alahuuli oli negroidin turpea. Monet pitivät sellaista suuta erittäin seksikkäänä. Eräs häpeämätön kavaljeeri oli kutsunut niitä häpyhuuliksi, labia majoriksi, jonka taitava kirurgi oli näkymättömillä tikeillä ommellut Katrin kasvoihin. Kavaljeeri sai erektion pelkästä kasvoihin kohdistuneesta näköhavainnosta. Kapteeni ähkäisi tyytyväisenä ja alkoi kehrätä naisen imiessä kullia ja samalla pyöritellessä kieltään terskan yliherkkien hermoratojen ympärillä.

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Katri sai seuraavan kymmenen minuutin ajan kyrpää vähintään merimailin pituudelta, mutta orgasmista ei ollut tietoakaan. Nainen kuivasi kapteenin melan suullaan ja siveli nokkosuutepurkista vauhdittajaa kyrvän pinnalle. Samalla hän irrotti kapteenin kravatin ja sitoi sen tiukasti kivesten ja kullin ympäri nostamaan erektiota. Kapteenille nokkosuutekokemus oli ensimmäinen kerta. Kullin alkaessa kihelmöidä sen voimasta, hän sai vihdoin heitettyä virkapukunsa päältään, ainoastaan kravatti teki työtään kullin ympärillä.

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